June 20, 2010

Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

I've never considered myself a baker. I've always loved cooking, but not necessarily baking. I'm much more comfortable improvising in the cooking world... but it seems like in the past couple years I've enjoyed baking more and more. I've had this urge to bake the past couple of weekends, even though I'm trying not to have so many goodies around (I get enough of that at work!). But this weekend I gave in and decided to try Peanut Butter Cup Cookies. Pure gloriousness.

I read this on another
blog and identified with it so much:
The act of combining sugar, flour, eggs and vanilla brought me right home again. I used my favorite recipe ever and they came out perfectly. They always do. That’s why I love these cookies so much. It’s like when nothing seems to be going right and everything is up in the air, you know that if you combine these ingredients and follow the fine print, you will have your cookies.
They will turn out.
And I think that’s why I bake.

Although this wasn't a tried and true recipe for me (unless you consider 48,117 people saving it to their recipe box and 1,396 reviews with 5 stars, tried and true) it still brings back those same feelings. The feeling of comfort in the process of creaming the butter, sugar, and egg together, the smell of vanilla, and the warmth and goodness when they get out of the oven, and the deliciousness that follows. It's contentment.


Steph A said...

Is that quote from Julie and Julia? I swear there's a scene in that movie that's almost exactly those words.

Lindsay said...


Where. Is. Mine?