July 7, 2010

My List

To follow up yesterday's post, I found my list as I was working on some projects this weekend:
1. Run a ½ marathon
2. Join a relief effort/volunteer vacation
3. Build my own piece of furniture
4. Skydive
5. Swim with sea creatures
6. Eat something really weird of cultural significance
7. Scuba dive
8. Participate in RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa)
9. Take a glass blowing class
10. Sell a piece of artwork

I’m not putting a timeline on these things, for fear of not accomplishing them! But hopefully by the time I’m 30 most of these will be crossed off.


Caleb said...

Hmm. Pretty sure you could do all this in a day. It would look like this:

You volunteer to build a poor kid a chair. But, he lives far away. So you drive to the edge of Iowa (13 miles away) while your passenger teaches you to blow glass. He drops you off, and you run your 1/2 marathon to the IA border.

There, you get on your bike and start RAGBRAI. As you ride you create some artistic blown glass and collect driftwood for furniture until you get to the poor kid's house. There, you make him a chair and sell his neighbor your artwork.

From there you are picked up and taken to an airport. You outfit yourself in both scuba gear and parachuting equipment. You fly over the sea, skydive out, and scuba dive with some octopuses (octopi?) when you land and come back up to swim to a nearby island.

There you eat a magic fried spider as part of a cultural heritage festival, making you an honorary member of the local tribe.

That's all on a Tuesday.

Got anything challenging?


Nice blog!


Lindsay said...

Nice list! If you want a skydiving partner, I'm totally in. It's on my list as well!

Stephanie said...

Caleb- While, I appreciate your ingenuity, I clearly could not complete all ten of these in one day... there is no possible way that I could keep balanced on my bike long enough to blow glass. I just don't have that skill set. I'm lucky not to fall off when riding one handed. So I say nine in one day is good enough.
Right? Maybe next Tuesday?

Lindsay- I'm game whenever? This summer? Early Fall before the weather gets too cool?

Caleb said...

Okay, trade "blow glass" with "blow bubbles" and knock it out!

Improv, milady. Improv.