July 9, 2010


I fell in love four summers ago. In love with Queen Anne's Lace and Chicory when I was living in Kansas for the first time... or at least this was the first time that I truly appreciated their beauty. Every morning as I drove into work I was greeted by a sea of beautiful blue blooms (the chicory, it usually blooms in the morning). And every evening the delicate white blossoms of Queen Anne's lace were welcoming me on an evening walk. Every morning and every evening it put a smile on my face.

These flowers are the icons of my summer.

btw, as I did a little research I found out that Queen Anne's Lace can benefit other garden vegetables, like boosting tomato production and pest control. You can bet that it will be added to my garden wish list.

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chimes said...

oooh I loooove the smell of chicory. :)