August 2, 2010

To my grandma

Today I got one of the most beautiful and sophisticated flower arrangements I've ever received delivered to my office. My grandmother passed away Sunday evening and my boyfriend sent them for support. The reason was bittersweet, but it was the most amazing tribute to my grandma, who was a florist. When I think of her, I always think of floral arrangements and purple, her favorite color. Little did Jeff know how perfect and heartfelt the arrangement would be to me.

I've learned so much from my grandma. I was in Iowa for the weekend and stopped by to see her. Her health has been declining since a pretty traumatic stroke in May, but she was still as cheerful and delighted as ever. She always had a great attitude, no matter how tough the situation.

A lot of my interest and passion in crafting came from my grandma. I remember going to her house when I was younger and I'm sure I always came home with at least one craft project, whether that was a wreath made from the vines in her backyard, a floral arrangement in my favorite colors of the moment, or a Mr. and Mrs. Santa Clause made from milk jugs... it was always something fun and very creative. She had the best craft storage room I've seen yet, baskets and wreaths every size and color you could imagine, an entire dresser filled with beautiful spools of ribbons (many of which my mom and I have inherited), and other unique embellishments for my crafty desires.

She was also an amazing cook, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at her house were amazing. Many of my recipes are from her, my favorite being a chicken wrapped in bacon dish (you can't go wrong with bacon, right?). Lots of yummy things came from her kitchen (more on that in a later post). Also, my grandparents had the biggest garden ever. Like Martha Stewart sized garden. And their tomatoes? The most delicious. It was a meal in itself.

So, thank you Jeff for such a touching offering of support. And thank you, Grandma, for the amazing memories and teaching me so many things in life and starting me on so many of my interests/passions that I have today. Rest in peace, with love, I know you're in a better place where there are gardens, ribbons, and flowers a plenty.


Sheryl said...

That was beautiful, Stephanie. Based on your tribute, I wish I'd had the opportunity to meet your grandmother—what an incredible woman whose legacy lives on in her spirited and talented granddaughter. Here's to a life well lived.

Note to Jeff: Well done!

Dave said...

Loved your blog. So emotional for those of us in your parents' home and reading this.

But, I MUST let you know that chicken recipe was actually a recipe from your brother's second sister.....Mom just used it!
We'll share more stories on Friday,

Megan Langford said...

Lovely post. No doubt your grandmother will be missed.