September 27, 2010

Things I'm loving: unlined corrugated board

We, in the biz, call this unlined corrugated board. We, in the biz, call this awesome.

One of our concepts for this Christmas season at work included some earthy, natural colors and materials. I wanted to use unlined corrugated board, it has such a great texture, warm color and it's cheap(er). What's not to love? We ultimately didn't pursue that direction, but I've been using our leftover material to enhance my office. Check out my new wallpaper of sorts:

Some vendor samples of pedestals made of unlined corrugate:

I visited Anthropologie the other day and found they're using it in lots of the same material in their visual merchandising for accessories and what not... how chic?

I love the beauty found in simple, raw materials.
Image sources: olive manna

Also, check out this use of the unlined corrugate in packaging.
Image source: Lovely Package


Megan Langford said...

We, in the biz, call that nice. Seeing your office makes me think my office could use a little redecorating. I'll get to that in all the spare time I have these days.

Jeanee said...


chimes said...

I'm loving this. I'm moving cubes in 2 weeks ... ideas ... :)

Steph A said...

Will you come decorate my cube, please? It's a greenish-gray bore. I love seeing pictures of yours!

Steph A said...

P.S. Sorry if i've left that exact sentiment on older blog posts! I feel like i'm repeating myself.