October 2, 2010

Christmas Colors

I grew up in a household (yes, we said things like household) that cheered for teams with red. The Huskers, ISU, Jefferson-Scranton Rams, etc. My parents Dad loves supporting his teams so much that we had red walls, red accent chairs, red cars, even license plates expressing his affinity towards red growing up.

So now, I am a graphic designer for retail store signage. The Christmas season is our biggest season, meaning we spend nearly a year working on Christmas graphics. Translation: I spend nearly a year in a sea of red, because in retail Red=Christmas.

Being tired of red, I have tried to omit it from my personal Christmas vocabulary. (Although this year I had actually considered the possibility of using red as an accent... but it didn't make the final cut)

Below are some of the contenders for our 4th annual Christmas Cookie Exchange:

The finalist was selected because:
1. I got a sneak peek of Christmas graphics for a to-be-named retailer in KC... they were inspired by amazing vintage graphics and colors.

2. I currently love, love, loving dark teal, olive, jadite, and craft paper. So let's mix them all together into one glorious palette.

And there you have it. The extremely long winded version of my 2010 Christmas color palette selection.


Rachel N said...

Oooh I also like the one in the first column, second row. I have really been loving a reddish orange tomato-y red lately. However, I have a standing Christmas color palette: cardinal and gold.

chimes said...

ooh ditto on that, rachel. :)