October 4, 2010

Rustic Apple Tarts

Have you heard of Sweet Paul? It's an online magazine chock full of food porn. This time it's full of Fall foods, including lots of apple baked goods (It's Fall and I have an obsession with apples...).. Sometime I want to make the Apple Filled Bread, Apple Muffins, Rustic Apple Tart, Carmel Chocolate Cake, and the Chevre pizza.

That sometime was last night for the Rustic Apple Tart. I got to use the apple peeler-corer I was given a year ago, which was so fun, I even made Curly Cheese Potatoes!

The pre-baked wheat crusts.

I'll leave you with Sweet Paul's professional out-of-the-oven photo.

Verdict? Absolutely delish. The texture of the wheat flour gives the crust more depth and is the perfect balance to the tartness of the Granny Smith. I added a significant amount of cinnamon to the recipe, in the crust and in the apple mixture. And instead of adding the apple preserves at the end, I used some of the leftover cinnamon & sugar mixture from the apples to create a syrup and drizzled that on top. It's definitely going in the recipe box.

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john said...

wow those look good :)