June 10, 2011

Calm. Happy. Successful.

Disclaimer: This is a personal reflection post, more intended for myself rather than anyone else.

Calm. Happy. Successful.
This has been my personal mantra for over a year and a half. It started when I was extremely unhappy at work and in my personal life. I sat down and thought about what I wanted the most out of life. I simply wanted to be calm and not sweat the little things or get so worked up about everything; I wanted to happy with my stage in life, although it may not be as I had planned; and I wanted to be successful and achieve my career, educational and personal goals. I posted notes with these three little words at work and at home and whenever I would get super stressed, I would repeat calm, happy, successful to myself over and over again. Sometimes (i.e. when I remembered) I used it as my mantra during yoga classes earlier this year.

This morning I got up early and went on a lovely bike ride and guess what I discovered along the way: I am calm! I am happy! I am successful! I cannot explain it but for the past couple of months I have felt such a sense of inner peace and happiness. When I finally realized that this morning I let out this high-pitched little squeal of delight (there may have even been some enthusiastic clapping). I feel I am finally able to let go of things that bother me and just focus on loving my current station in life. What a great way to start the morning and kick-off to the weekend?

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chimes said...

I love that mantra! I need to have a mantra that I can use when I get frustrated with things instead of exploding. What a great idea.