June 20, 2011

Joplin support

After the shocking tornados in Joplin, MO, my first reaction was to drive down there and help, after all I'm only a couple hours away (and thankfully I have friends with the same thought). But so many other Kansas Citians, fellow statesmen and countrymen wanted to volunteer and Joplin wasn't able to accommodate the support after such a devastation. Finally, I've talked to one friend who was able to go down and help for a day, although he said it will still take several months (if not years) to get the city back to it's original state.

Moosylvania, a St. Louis based marketing and advertising agency, designed a series of posters in honor of Joplin, with the proceeds going to the Southwest Missouri chapter of United Way.

Lovely, aren't they?

Via grain edit.

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