August 4, 2011


A while ago I tried to give up TV for a week. I failed miserably.

But guess what? I've been living in my new apartment for five weeks and I still haven't purchased an HD antennae (I'm not planning on cable)! I've watched a couple movies and borrowed a season of BBT, but other than that I haven't had TV. And guess what? It's awesome and I'm so much more productive. Before I always used TV as background noise, but it still enticed me into lounging on the sofa more often than I should.

I had every intention of buying an HD antennae, but I'm kind of enjoying it and getting loads done! Now I rely on TED talks, music, NPR, audio books and the occasional movie for background noise. I was considering Netflix, but I want to try other resources first. I've recently posted my entire collection of DVDs (mostly bad chick flicks) to, and have had one successful trade so far (Under the Tuscan Sun for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix). My apartment complex offers DVD rentals that I'm hoping to use as well as the Johnson County library. And maybe I'll hit up friends for local DVD swaps, for a little collaborative consumption. Not entirely because I'm cheap, more because I want to give these other resources a try first. Once depleted, Netflix or Redbox may be the way to go for a more current selection.

Eventually I'll get around to the HD antennae (I do want it for news, PBS documentaries, and some sitcoms), but with 15+ fun projects on my TeuxDuex "someday" list, I'm in absolutely no hurry...

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