August 13, 2011

Wheatgrass Delights

I asked for wheatgrass seeds for my birthday and because I have an amazing friend, my wish was granted! I really had two reasons for wanting the seeds:
1. I like the way wheatgrass looks, so modern and clean.
2. I like to watch things grow. (Weird?)

But oh boy kids, little did I know I was in for a rather scrumptious surprise!

I prepped the seeds: Soak for eight hours. Rinse. Soak for eight hours. Rinse. Soak for eight hours. Rinse.
And after 7 days of planting, this is the beautiful mess I have:

I wanted to put a camera on the sprouts for a little time-lapse photography but, as you can see, they grew like crazy. (Megan gave me two packages, perhaps I'll try the time-lapse thing next time...) Seriously, I think they grew about 1" per day!

And today I had the pleasure of harvesting my wheat grass! So I looked up juicing instructions with a blender and made myself the best mid-day snack. Here's images of the process (I can't get over that beautiful color):

I blended the final strained wheat grass juice with a little plumcot (hybrid plum + apricot) for a special treat, but didn't have a chance to snap any photos before it was gone!

Wheat grass is a very tasty snack without being juiced! Every once in a while I reach over for a delicious and nutritious nibble straight from the planter. And even though I think I just surpassed my crazy quota, I'm going to throw it out there that I just might take this planted perfection to work so I can graze during the work day.

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Megan Langford said...

That's hilarious, that you just reach over and take a blade or two for a little snack. And even more hilarious that you called it grazing! So glad you are enjoying the wheatgrass!