January 24, 2012

Breakfast Tour KC

My beau likes a big breakfast/brunch. I like my beau. Therefore we have gotten into the habit of eating a pretty big breakfast on the weekends. We're trying to do the every-other-weekend thing and cook one weekend, eat out the next. It's pretty delightful. I love that he loves good food and I love talking and laughing with him over our enormous portion-sized meals.

@ Succotash, with the inaugural photo of the breakfast tour. We originally took this photo because of the comedy of our plates and drinks not fitting on the table. The pre-meal photo became a tradition that I cherish. Justin takes the photos, because his inevitably turn out better (i.e. less blurry and higher up).

@ Blue Bird Bistro on Summit & 17th. Not much left... apparently we tore into this one without snapping a photo first. Oops! This place inspired me to make Pumpkin-Sage Jam (more to come on that later).

@ Genessee Royale in the West Bottoms. This was one of my favorites, the dressing on the greens was so light and just perfect. We even tried the bacon jam (pictured in the center)... not my fav, but Justin was a fan.

@ Rooster in St. Louis. Delicious, delicious crepes. These larger plates were shamefully followed by a warm Banana-Nutella dessert crepe. It was devoured in minutes by the two of us. This was Justin's first awakening to Nutella (or Nut-ella as he pronounces it) and now I'm afraid there's no going back.

We've also hit up The Farmhouse, Chez Elle creperie, and The Wooden Spoon in Overland Park. All delicious, but not captured in our photo study. I guess we'll just have to go back!

@ Home. Here's a sampling of our creations. I'm still working on my omelet technique after years without practice and after this meal I dubbed Justin as the official hashbrown-maker. He accepted. Now we have perfectly prepared hash brown patties instead of just hash. Together, we're pretty much breakfast rock-stars. The homemade meals usually include simply potatoes, sausage, eggs, and any combination of vegetables around. Sometimes we throw in a spinach smoothie. Sometimes I attempt baked goods without proper measuring utensils. Or breakfast pizza. One thing is for certain, we've been eating well the past several months. (Perhaps contributing to my extra fluffiness as of late...)

Future places on our my list to try out: You Say Tomato, Happy Gillis, Westside Local, Urban Table, Julian, Eggtc, Room 39, Unforked, etc. Any other suggestions?


chimes said...

Love it!

I think maybe this is a sign he's a keeper. When Mark and I started dating we did the same thing. And I most definitely put on 15 pounds in 2 months. And we made a whole bunch of awesome breakfasts.

Side note, I realized that I sent your poster FOREVER ago and I got it back in the mail. Apparently the address wasn't correct [ I probably wrote it wrong ].

Can you re-send your address so I can get you your poster? :)

Niki Brown said...

Please identify typefaces in this posts graphic. MUST. HAVE!

Also, more food porn please! :)

Stephanie said...

The typefaces are from http://www.losttype.com - my current favorite resources. I think the last couple months I have become addicted to them...