March 27, 2012

Pop Talk

Today I'm featured on my friend, Dayle's blog: Made by Sodapop in her new Pop Talk section!

Not gonna lie, it kinda freaks me out seeing my face that big, but whatareyagonnado? ;)

I bonded with Dayle in our years at Hallmark, she was my cube neighbor. I'm sure that I gave her many headaches throughout the years with my stubbornness and naivety. And as she will attest, the minute she told me she was leaving I turned into an emotional sap, trying to make up for bad behavior and let her know how much I will truly miss her and how much of an impact she has had on my life. Dayle now lives in Atlanta and is spreading her amazing cheer, personality and design aesthetic through her many jobs and pass times. Luckily my brother lives in Augusta, GA and I can try to schedule flights to visit him through Atlanta so I can spend some precious hours with one of the best mentors. Love ya, Super!

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