March 28, 2012

Orange Flower Love

On my way to the grocery store last night I passed a garden supply store. "Flowers" just happened to be on my grocery list (I was planning on getting the fresh-cut kind as a little gift to myself), but when I saw the flowers at the garden store, I couldn't help but pull my car over. They were soooo beautiful. So, so, so beautiful. Lots of pansies and ranunculus in full bloom everywhere. Have I mentioned that ranunculus might be my new favorite flower? Ever since we used beautiful yellow ranunculus in a photo shoot about 4 years ago, I've been completely smitten.

Anyway, I came home with about 6 times more flowers than I could actually handle. I had planned on taking some to work to put in my windowsill and planting some in this retro container I inherited from my mom, but all my plans changed when I realized just how much I bought. I might need to buy some new containers when it's time for tomato-planting season...

Now this is what happily greets me as I walking into my apartment:

And at work, this is what I get to peer at every time I walk to my desk or am working:

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, flowers truly are the way to a women's heart (even if it's your own). Ah, happy day!

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