April 24, 2012

27 years wise

 Image from Potter and Butter, Cake toppers available in their Cake Pom Collection

Today, I turn the wonderful age of 27! Ever since I turned 23, I’ve kind of freaked out about turning another year older; there were just so many things in my life that were uncertain, undetermined and not as I had planned. But now, at the wise age of 27, I’m starting to see things differently. Life is always going to be uncertain, undetermined and not as planned. I’m learning to cherish that fact.

In yoga last week the teacher shared this quote:

How beautiful and true? I am so very blessed in this life. I have wonderful friends and family and spent my pre-birthday weekend cherishing time with them. I have a great job and even a successful side business that I've always dreamed of! I'm healthy and able-bodied. I have no material wants or needs in my life. I can only imagine the beauty and success that the future holds.

27 is going to be be a *beautiful year!

*I apologize for my over-use of the word beautiful, I blame my yoga teachers...


chimes said...

Happy Birthday!!

I am with you on the not wanting to turn another year older after I turned 23 ... and I turn 28 this year. YUCK.

Fran Maus said...

Have a wonderful birthday!

Megan Langford said...

Happy happy birthday! You sound awfully wise for being only 27. Are you sure you're not older? (Of course, you don't LOOK any older! You look like you're in your early twenties, at the latest.)

Jeanee said...

Well said... happy birthday!