May 31, 2012

The Gender Reveal - New Summer Arrivals!

We have a couple new arrivals to the Etsy shop, just in time for summer parties!

I had fun breaking out the watercolors for the quintessentially summer popsicle invite. The second features the most popular reveal method: the cupcake. Both are themed with The Sweetest Surprise.

The Sweetest Surprise Gender Reveal Party Printable Digital Invitation - Popsicle

Gender Reveal Party Printable Digital Invitation - Cupcake Surprise

Head on over to the official Gender Reveal shop to see all of the invitations we offer. Or find more sweetest surprise celebration inspiration at the most obsessive and rewarding site, Pinterest!

1 comment:

chimes said...

Love the watercolor! And I love how you're using pinterest as an additional resource for your clients (and others). GREAT idea. You always have the best ideas.