July 31, 2012

Dear Small Town Iowa Restaurants

Dear Small Town Iowa restaurants-

I love ya. I really do. I am more than proud to call Iowa my home state and I cherish that I was raised in a small town. But lately you haven’t been as good to me. When eating out, why must everything include bacon, sausage, or brisket? Or be “smothered” in cheese sauce or gravy? Just the word “smothered” makes me gag a little.

And when I cobble something vegetarian/vegan together, load it up on veggies don’t give me this iceberg lettuce crap with a couple of tomatoes and less than a proper serving of beans. Substitute all of that meaty/cheesy goodness with double (or triple) veggie goodness. Cross my heart, I’ll reward you with a large tip in return. Deal?

C’mon, Iowa. I get that meat production is a large industry in the state, but let’s also focus on plant nutrients too, eh? What about seasonal produce from the local farmer selling his crop on the corner? There really is no excuse in the summer and I would hope other patrons would feel the same.

Left hungry and feeling cheated,


chimes said...

You have no idea how much of a rant I could go on right now.

Everything on any menu at a small-town Iowa restaurant is likely off-limits to me. Everything is breaded. I once ordered a pan-seared piece of fish to get a breaded piece. I can't eat BREAD or breading. It's seriously the worst.

Heidi Miller said...

As a vegetarian, I consistently have this problem in Iowa. I once asked for a veggie-friendly option at my hometown cafe, and the lady looked at me and said, "OH." I ended up ordering mac and cheese (which I quickly recognized as the boxed/processed kind). It's frustrating and disappointing.