August 7, 2012

Weekday Veg

Have you heard of Weekday Veg? A family friend recommended the short TED talk to me a couple weeks ago and I finally got around to watching it last night. If I had known it was less than 6 minutes I would’ve squeezed it in sooner! (Read: Watch it now, it doesn’t take long!)

Anyway, Graham Hill briefly covers why he chose to be Weekday Vegetarian including the ethical and economic impacts. While my part-time vegetarianism is motivated by nutrition, the economic factors intrigue me. Many of the comments on the talk berate him for not being full-time veg. I’d say over 70% is definitely a step in the right direction and more power to him for promoting this systematic and obtainable approach!

As far as my dive into the veg-pool... It definitely went by the way-side when I was on RAGBRAI. I decided my body needed the protein for muscle recovery and not enough plant-based protein options were readily available. Prior to RAGBRAI, I noticed I was more fatigued than usual. I think there are several factors that went into this, the extreme heat, cutting out too many good carbs, and a more-than-typical packed schedule. The past two weeks back on the wagon have been fabulous, I feel great and according to my most recent blood donation, my health stats are all in excellent shape. I'm excited to give a vegan restaurant a try tonight with a couple of girlfriends!

Have you ever participated in Meatless Mondays or given up meat all together?


chimes said...

I was a vegetarian for 4 years. And I'm trying to start the meatless Monday (or at least one day a week) tradition in my house. I don't eat a lot anyway, but Mark is a different story.

My friend Heather at just started a fun linkup party for meatless Mondays. It's A-Z and next week's ingredient is beets.

Steph A said...

Looking back on it, the only reason i was able to be a vegetarian for two years was because i was eating at ISU's dining halls. Good vegetarian options every day, with decent diversity. When i had to do it on my own i failed miserably to sufficiently nourish myself, and i know quite a few people who were or are severely undernourished as vegetarians. I think it's especially hard to do here in Iowa, as you discovered.

Personally, i think meat is really good for you and i see no reason to ever give it up again, especially now that i have a source of grassfed/free-range meat. But i don't think Meatless Mondays would be out of the question for me, in the interest of being green.