September 13, 2008

Whoa, Baby

Ok, I can't hold it in any longer... I'm obsessed with baby & kids bedding. When did these rooms become so posh? (Chalk it up to materialism...)
There are so many fun options out there right now for kids and babies, in much bolder and brighter colors than years past. In the October edition of print mag, there was article discussing the rise in Million Dollar Babies (because that's about as much as it takes to afford this babymod look). The trends that they pointed out were: orange, sans-serif type, stripes/patterns, illustrated animals, and shapes/dots. Here's one of my favorite quotes from the article:
The article also touches on "yoga moms" who are eco-conscious and dislike commercial licensed characters as much as I do... thank goodness for this trend!

Below are some of my favorites:
I love the transportation, robot, nature, and animal motifs for boys. Also, what graphic designer isn't going to love an alphabet print?

I'm not a big pink fan and like more modern colors colors for girls. I love the polka dots, stripes, and other unique shapes/patterns for girls.

I've always thought that I would let the sex of my first child be a surprise... but I don't know if I will actually be able to do that when the time comes (many years from now). I'm such a planner and after talking with an expecting co-worker, I'm realizing how hard that would be planning-wise. There are lots of great neutrals out there for babies now, especially when the color lines are starting to blur between boys and girls.

I just had to include these farm-themed prints! Being from Iowa, you see all sorts of tractor and other traditional farm prints for babies... I'm glad there's finally a modern take on a country look if families must insist on decorating with this theme.

I also love the idea of handmade elements in a baby room. The above quilts are from Etsy designers. I love the Alexander Henry Turtle Bay fabric... how perfect is that for me?

The above looks were found on these babymod websites: Nurseryworks, Modern Nursery,, 2modern, Design Public, Room & Board, Etsy, Hable Construction, and Target.

DISCLAIMER: I am in NO way thinking of babies for myself now, give me 7+ years or so... right now I'm satisfied with looking from a distance!

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Megan Langford said...

So, so cute, all of it. I like the first images you showed best--and I think they work for boys or girls!