April 28, 2009

Jasmine Rice, how I love thee...

Photo by lazysheep1

...with your wonderfully arromatic and fluffy nature.

This past weekend my friend, Jon, and I made the most delcious meal. As it's getting closer to grilling season I picked up some pork-chops and asparagus for the weekend, thinking we may grill out. But not thinking things through thouroughly (like I'm starting to do lately, who am I?) I didn't get any characoal for the grill! So we came up with a different game plan... I have been craving jasmine rice, so we made this most delicious Asparagus Rice Pilaf. Mmmm, pure deliciousness. I changed the recipe slightly by cutting down on the butter (of course), ommitting the spaghetti and adding fresh celery and mushrooms for more vegetable goodness.

We also made Gorgonzola and Apple Pork Chops... not my fav, but they were OK. I kept wanting to add more vegetables (onions, garlic, & celery) to the mix, but refrained for Jon's sake. Although, he thouroughly enjoyed them the way they were.

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