April 29, 2009

Shout out to my bro

Nate, my older brother, bought a house last fall in Augusta, GA a couple blocks away from one of the gates to the Masters golf course. Immediately upon purchasing the home he started the demo, tearing out the cracked and broken pool in the backyard, bringing down walls to create an open floor plan, and moving the kitchen to a completely different location. I am so proud of him and the work that he has been doing on the house. He has high ambitions that this is the first of many project houses. He has done most everything himself in this house, from the plumbing to the electrical to the dry walling and kitchen cabinet installation. He even installed the hardwood floors himself! I was down there in January to help him paint and pick out different items for the house, but at that point it was still pretty bare bones...

Last weekend I was able to get away for a long weekend, meet my mom in Atlanta and travel to Augusta to help Nate with more of his house. I was eager to see Nate's progress on the house, the kitchen, the carpet and the hardwood had all been install since my last visit and most of the walls were painted with the colors I had advised him on earlier! While in Augusta, I was able to help him paint the two bathrooms and the trim that will be used for the baseboards, window and door casings. I also got to do some tiling work in the master bath (although I was quickly demoted on account for not being very fast/skilled with the trowel)!
I can't wait for the next stage of his house: decorating! I'm having so much fun picking out colors, artwork, & furniture!

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