July 11, 2010

Gastronomy Weekend 001

Last weekend my friend, John, e-mailed me and said he saw Grinders on the Food Network or something and thought about coming down to KC to check it out... weird reason... but awesome to see him! So I suggested making it a whole food tour weekend, henceforth it shall be named Gastronomy Weekend 001. It was also a chance to experience some of the restaurants on my KC-restaurants-that-rock* spreadsheet.

Gastronomy Weekend 001 included:
- eating Philly Cheese Steaks at Grinders
- splurging with Dark Chocolate Turtles at Christopher Elbow
- touring the WWI museum (I can't say that I learned to much about the war, but I was captivated with the environmental graphics, displays and uniforms...)
- visiting the Asian Market in the River Market. (I was thoroughly impressed with John's impressive knowledge of Asian cuisine. I picked some delightful things including Thai basil, lemongrass, tapioca pearls for bubble tea and more!)
- delighting in delish Mongolian BBQ at Genghis Khan
- enjoying Bubble Tea (with a kick) at Blue Koi
- grabbing bunch at The Westside Local
- touring the Nelson-Atkins Venice: 3 visions in glass collection
- and ending the weekend with a culinary experiment of our own...

We made Rustic French Bread, a modified version of Pulled-Pork Roast with BBQ sauce, Roasted Red Peppers, Thai-Style Asian Coleslaw (with Asian market finds) all in 3 hours time!

I'm hoping that there will be more Gastronomy Weekends and culinary throw-downs in the future! I'm so impressed with John's recent culinary adventures, he's becoming a great chef!

Also, I'd like to note that I didn't have any formal itinerary for this weekend. Typically when friends come to visit, I have a planned itinerary with times, locations and menus (if food preparation is scheduled), upon request I'll even add in bathroom breaks. It's something I'm know for in multiple states. But this weekend, I flew by the seat of my pants, had no itinerary, no maps, no meals planned, and made spontaneous decisions with blissful results. Perhaps this impromtuness should become more of a routine...

*A spreadsheet with over 100 non-chain restaurants in the KC and greater-KC area, all highly recommended and delicious. Contact me for a copy of this amazing compilation.

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Megan Langford said...

Two things:
1. You're hilarious. Impromptuness should become more of a routine... Irony!
2. The KC Restaurants that Rock list is very outdated (it includes restaurants that closed, and some of the addresses are wrong--things like that). Perhaps your gastronomy weekends can be used to start updating it. Do I smell a project? Yes, yes, I think so.