July 13, 2010


It's Tuesday!

That means sometime in the late hours of the night, I should be getting a delightful little ditty delivered straight to my inbox! At the beginning of the year one of co-workers took pitty on my horrible taste in music and lack of musical knowledge and breadth and decided to instigate, Sparky Music Tuesday, otherwise known as smt. He claimed that he has "great taste and that is more than enough reason to bestow upon you my wonderful selections on a weekly basis." (and I agree)

Now 27 Tuesdays into the year, I have 27 songs on my "Sparky Music Tuesday" playlist (and it is a frequently played playlist). It includes artists ranging from Casey Dienel, A Fine Frenzy, Camera Obscura, Adele, Yael Naim, and Pomplamoose.

Even more splendid? Sparky is my office-neighbor, meaning he gets the pleasure of seeing all of my moods throughout the day (and believe me, there are a lot). From elated and giddy to annoyed and angry. Sparky does an incredible job of matching my smt treat to my mood, whether it's an angry jam or a calming coo, he's got me covered. It's better than Pandora!

So thank you, Sparky, for expanding my musical vocabulary. I can't wait to get the other 25 songs this year!


Lindsay said...

sparky music tuesday--that is hilarious! :)

Washer's World said...

Did not know about smt! That's super funny but i love it.