October 29, 2010

A love letter & a goodbye.

Dear Hallmark,

Today is a bittersweet day for me. Today is the last day that I can call myself a Hallmarker. Today is the day I say goodbye to a great company, great friends and start a new chapter in my life.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunities I've be given for the past three and a half years (plus an awesome internship). I've worked on some really great projects in my department and had the opportunity to work on some amazing projects within the company. I can't imagine a more creative environment to spend my first couple years out of college. I'm going to miss so many of the "perks" of the job: The creative library. The trends department. The supply shop. The Rice Center (an in-house workshop and print center). The laser-cutter. The archives. The lettering studio. Workshops. Union Hill Photography studio. Mentors and Generational Buddies. And most of all, creative people around every corner.

I have been fortunate to work with so many amazingly creative people, words cannot express how grateful I am for the friendships developed and the support I have been given over the years. I have learned so much and grown so much.

So goodbye Hallmark, perhaps we will meet again later in my career. You will always be held fondly in my heart and I look for big things from you. Let the world see the amazing talent within those walls.

With love,

Listed below are some of the people who have had an impact on me while at Hallmark. Thank you.
Mike. Leo. Suba. Jae. Lee. Sal. Dayle. Clint. Brandon. Ray. Neil. Sheryl. Megan. Lindsay. Alyssa. Saundra. Lauren. Anissa. Scott. Michelle. Aphro. Suzanne. Bernard. Pamela. Jeff. David. John. Adam. Jim. Rob. Scott. Doug. Bryan. Tom. Ashley. Janice. John. Hector. Brian. Steve. Lindsay. Alfred. Colleen. Kim. Cheryl. Joel. Brian. Cindy. Anita. Debbie. Mary. Megan. Max. Jeff. Eric. Bob. Daryl. Casey. Amy. Jill. Darren. Ashley. Jon. Ninette. Paula. Terri. Terry. Nancy. Yolanda. Jim. Mike. John. Tom. David. Carrie. Carly. Em. Katie. Stephanie. Morgan. Kathleen. Erin. Julie. Andrew. Erin. Kate. Nicole. Ashley. Donald. Kevin. Andrew. Robbie. Daniel. Kevin. Tina. Kerry. Becky. Megan. Jim. Trish. Bess. Aaron. Dan. Scott. Marita. Ashlee. Aimee. Angel. Richard. Chris. (Sorry if I forgot you!)


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Steph A said...

What's next for you?

Jae said...

Reading this really touched my heart. As you remember Hallmark, we will remember you, too.