October 8, 2010

Sofa Cunundrum

I dream of someday having my own place. And having your own place comes with the need for furniture. A sofa in my case. While owning a place of my own may be in the distant future, having my own apartment may be in the somewhat nearish future (say 8 months...).

I don't know why, maybe because I'm a planner, or maybe because I like interior design, or maybe it's just because I'm anal... but I've been scoping out sofas a lot lately.

I love, love, love several sofas at Room & Board, but I'm not so much in love with the price tag (and then additional shipping fees). Short of me winning the lottery or coming into some unexpected funds, it would be super tight on my budget and my general frugality. And I'm questioning whether it would really hold up over the test of time and my ever-changing style preferences... but I also don't want to be stuck with an uncomfortable sofa that will be worn out or in need of repair in a few short years.

Anyway, here are my options:

A favorite from Room & Board.

Another high contender from R&B

Another more versatile option from R&B.

Another acceptable version from R&B, at an apartment-length.

Similar to the R&B Andre sofa, but more comfortable, I'm told.

So those are the brand-name options. Now onto the bargains! A while back I heard of a place called Custom Sofa Design (CSD) based out of California. It's gotten extremely mixed reviews, some say it's shady, uncomfortable, and had numerous mixed up orders; others say they had no problems and it was an excellent experience.
The major drawback for me: not being able to test the sofa and a probable hefty shipping fee. They've got the same designs, but at a fraction of the cost of the brand names and you can completely customize the fabric (so ignore the crazy colors shown).

CSD: A beaut of an option, probably my fav, for only $599!

CSD: Just like the R&B Reese Sofa!

A more masculine offer from CSD, or maybe it's just the brown fabric it's shown in.

Or there's Urban Outfitters, if I do want to go the needs-to-be-replaced-in-two-years route.

Or NFM for an in-town, free shipping option. Not nearly the style I'm looking for though...

What's a girl to do? Go for the brand name, better-quality, but expensive choices? Or risk it on a cheaper version that will get me through a couple of years?

Any other price-conscience, but stylish options out there?


chimes said...

wow that's entirely too many options! I like the last 2 from R&B for what that's worth. :)

April said...

R&B outlet in Minneapolis :) Just another reason to come visit again - if you can borrow a truck!!

Stephanie said...

Calee- And some people say that I'm picky! Clearly I'm flexible in my choices!

April- TOTALLY! When the time comes, I think I will have to make a trip up to R&B outlet!

Stephanie said...

Update: I just talked with my Interior Designer aunt about sofas. She recommends a consignment shop + a professional re-upholsterer. The style I want is from the 1950s when quality products were made... so, regardless if it's from a reputable source like R&B or Crate & Barrel, real vintage will still be better, longer-lasting quality.

I can't wait to start sofa shopping!

Jessi said...

These are all beautiful but good luck on the hunt! I can't wait to see what you find :)

john said...

Your style choices look a bit uncomfortable. With the arms as upright as they are lounging on them to play video games would be difficult. :)