October 6, 2010

Wallpaper Wednesday | 025

Recently we're been talking about failure in one of my grad classes and not being afraid of failure, but learning from it. This is best shown in how I learned to cook.

I've always loved cooking, it's such a creative and satisfactory experience for me.
There are two things that inspired me to start:
1. I was a hungry child (still am, I like to eat, what more can I say?)
2. My dad was famous for "concoctions" in my household growing up.

My dad would throw in any number of ingredients to make something delightful... or inedible. I seem to remember the later more distinctly (note: I'm not necessarily saying the later was more often). My dad can be a great chef, if you're looking for an omelet prepared exactly to your liking, a delicious bowl of hearty chili, or a "cookout" burger, he's your man. In fact, I got a lot of my skillz from my pops... by sitting through those sometimes-terrible concoctions and being a hungry child and all, I decided to learn to cook myself. I was never afraid of throwing in some of this, or a little of that, because it couldn't be worse than the macaroni 'n cheese/ground beef/ketchup concoction my father had attempted the night before.

A couple of my friends have asked me to teach them how to cook, the answer? Don't be afraid of failure and just try.

That being said, I'm trying to implement those words of advice into the rest of my life. Learning to not sweat the small stuff and learning from my missteps. I'll let you know how it goes.

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slowpitch said...

I had the same mac n cheese and hamburger and ketchup but my forays into cooking haven't been that successful...