January 15, 2012

The coffee table SURPRISE!

Remember the coffee table story? I was originally dreaming of a coffee table with hairpin legs and a recycled wood top, then someone I know copied my idea before I could get to it and I was back to dreaming of other possibilities.

But guess what? I ended up the winner!

My brother and sister-in-law (Nate and Michelle) drove across five states to visit for New Years and to my surprise, brought me a handcrafted coffee table for Christmas! I was completely surprised. In previous conversations with my brother he mentioned he had bought a welder and was interested in making me something for my apartment for Christmas. We discussed coffee tables. We briefly talked style preferences. I told him to check my Pinterest. That was it.

Fast-forward to the day my family arrived, my mom and I stepped out to do some last minute grocery shopping and when I returned to my apartment (where the rest of my family was hanging out) to my surprise the coffee table was sitting in it's place! It was all very exciting and perfectly timed.

Nate and Michelle picked out beautiful glass in aquas, blues, greens, and greys; and crushed them into smaller pieces to make a recycled glass cement top. Recycled glass countertops are something Megan turned me onto a couple years ago and since then it has been a must-have in my dream kitchen. This was the first recycled glass piece that Nate made and it's a treasure that he gifted it to me. He has big plans for making more coffee tables with more elaborate patterns and such... maybe by the time I get around to affording  my dream house he can make my counter top for my kitchen! He also welded the base out of square metal tubing for a perfect modern vibe.

While he was at it he made another coffee table for his friend's new loft bachelor pad out of recycled palette wood. I think both designs are awesome and couldn't be more ecstatic with the finished piece.

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