January 18, 2012

Now Launched - The Gender Reveal

 A couple of months ago, a couple friends and I launched an etsy shop, The Gender Reveal! How exciting, right? You guessed it, we specialize in designed invitations and decor for gender reveal parties.

I've been wanting an etsy shop for the longest time, but it's overwhelming to keep everything up all by your lonesome (kudos to those friends who do), but now this solo party is a party of three and I couldn't be happier and more excited. The other great thing about the shop is we only sell products for gender reveal parties. It's daunting to think about making as much as a ripple among all the cuteness of baby shower invites/wedding invites/graphic posters/other paper goods that's already out there, but we think gender reveal parties are an up and coming trend that we can jump on!

So please visit the shop and check out our invites and decor packages. And spread the word to all of your friends who may be interested in such a party!


Jeanee said...

I love it! Can I feature on Dirty Laundry?

chimes said...

oh man, I wish I would have thought of this. The niche is so tiny that you're going to get all the business. I pretty much quit bothering with wedding invites b/c it's so hard to compete. Let me know if you need a 4th!

Stephanie said...

Jeanee - Of course you can feature it on your blog! I would LOVE that and appreciate it so much!

Calee - Things are slow now, getting our feet off the ground... and it is a super niche market, so there aren't a lot of sales... yet. But I've already told Jessie and the same goes for you, if it takes off, we'd love "guest" designers! I'll keep you posted.

Lindsay said...

:) I love that our names are on half of these. :)

Megan Langford said...

Excellent post! I'm sure we'll see a jump in sales any day now!