January 20, 2012

Let's Swap

I mentioned previously in my TV-less post that I have been participating in swap.com. It's pretty awesome. After the colossal garage sale fail of 2010, I've given into other methods of spring cleaning. I don't keep a huge collection of movies because I don't see the point really, but I have a handful that have been gifted to me or I've picked up for a cheap deal.

So instead of trying to unload of them by pricing everything out and hoping you'll be able to sell them in a silly garage sale or on craigslist, why not trade? I mean, no one needs to watch Legally Blonde more than three times. Seriously.

Above are all of my swaps, top row is what I had, bottom row is what I received. In my opinion, all of these are upgrades. ABBA is my current go-to playlist at work and in the gym, by far the best trade yet. But who knows, maybe in a couple of months or years, I'll be over the my Lord of the Rings phase and ready to swap again!

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