April 5, 2012

Black Eyed Peas & Kale Soup

If you talked to me for more than five minutes in the past month you know that I've recently discovered the awesomeness that is kale. And how I was slightly concerned I may turn orange because of the astronomical levels of Vitamin A I was ingesting because I was eating so much kale. (Note: I have not turned orange yet, although I would welcome some color to my post-winter pastiness.) If you've ever talked to me at all you know that I'm always game for anything with beans. The other day I was looking for a soup that had both kale and black eyed peas and came across the blog, 365 Days of Kale. Delightful, no?

I used her recipe as a starter for and for the past week, I've been thoroughly enjoying my version of:

Blacked Eyed Peas and Kale Soup

3 c fresh kale
3.75 c (16 oz) frozen black eyed peas
1 1/4 c carrots, chopped
1 pint mushrooms
1 onion, chopped
2 cloves garlic, minced
3 slices uncured Turkey Bacon (I got mine from Trader Joe's), cooked & chopped
32 oz Turkey Stock
1.5 c water
1/2 c fresh parsley
1 tsp Chipotle powder (for extra smokiness)
Black pepper to taste

Simmer all ingredients until vegetables are tender.

Yield: 4 very large meal-sized servings (I made 5 servings out of the full recipe, but the nutrition info is based on 4 servings)

Recipe adapted from original version here.
Calorie information via Calorie Count.

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