April 6, 2012

Goals Update

At the end of January I posted my yearly goals. Let's check-in to see how I have/haven't progressed, shall we? As a reminder I had seven goals for the year:
Seven goals? Silly me! I recently sat through a seminar at work based on Franklin Covey research and it turns out that if I have that many goals, odds are I won't complete all of them. Kinda obvious, but it's so easy to bite off more than we can handle, right?

So it's time for a revision. I have been reading, sketching, and crafting... but I'm still having trouble with the regular blogging and snoozing. So let's throw them out the window, ok? Now, I don't think that's a great plan to just squash your dreams and goals because they're not necessarily working out, but I'm only doing that temporarily so I can focus on my two most important goals:
As far as I'm concerned I shouldn't be focusing on anything other than those two items until they are complete. So that brings us to the update:

Goal #1: Lose weight.
As of today, I'm down 10 pounds for the year. Slow and steady wins the race, right? On March 1st we started a biggest loser contest at work and holy cannoli that pushed me into high gear and got me motivated to get moving and eating better. And guess what? It's worked! In week two I was officially the biggest loser and down 4.99% body mass! I started more weight training after that and briefly jumped up in weight. Now, at 5 weeks into the competition I'm sitting in the number two spot with 5.49% body mass lost. I'm hoping to regain my lead by the end of the competition and win the fat cash prize.

Goal #2: Finish my thesis & graduate.
Well, this one has not been as successful thus far this year. In the past couple of weeks research has starting to progress and everything is starting to click a bit more. I still have a long way to go, but the important part is I'm finally able to focus a bit more each day. I think working out and eating well has helped me learn focus, funny how that works out...


chimes said...

First — you always have the best design for things that could have just been plain text or could have been god-awful-ugly. :)

Second — way to be on the weight loss! Summer always kicks me into high gear, so I bet you'll be able to blast through it faster really soon.

Also — I need to START school. Damn. I just put in my grad app, and Mark informs me that he's going to be done this semester and get a job. D'oh.

Jeanee said...

Yeah, breaking the snooze button habit is NEVEr gonna happen!

chimes said...

Hey lady, I was stalking your blog yesterday and thought I'd check in on your goals! How are things going??