June 18, 2012

Movie Foodie Night

My friend, Katie, is one of the most creative and talented people I know. She works in the lettering department at Hallmark, in fact she did the hand-lettering for our Christmas Cookie Party video. Most recently, she came up with the brilliant idea of a Movie Foodie Film Series. The first movie night to kick off the series featured Benny and Joon.

In true Benny and Joon, fashion we had ironed cheese sandwiches, tapioca pudding, peanut butter and celery and instead of the may-be-gross Cap'n Crunch smoothies as shown in the movie, Katie made PB Cap'n Crunch bars. It was a fabulous evening and I can't wait for the upcoming Movie Foodie night featuring Mermaids and marshmallow kabobs!


chimes said...

such a cool idea! I love the ironed grilled cheeses. but more than that I love her hand lettering! so jealous of that skill.

john said...

Brilliant idea. I think I'll have to throw a movie party for my birthday. I think it would be cool to do it outside with an lcd projector and grilled food :)

Katie said...

Thanks so much for posting this! If only I could be as dedicated to my blog as you are to yours! I also realized after the event, that I miswrote Juniper's name - oops. In my hurried state I wrote Junipep! Next month I'll try and plan more and not rush to finish things at the last minute:)

iamahoneybee.com said...

I love Mermaids!!!!
Be sure to have some cheese ball pick me ups and miniture franks!