June 17, 2012

Tote or Hobo?

Dear Internet friends-
I need your help! I've been plagued with this decision long enough on my own, it's time to call in the experts. The question:

Here's the deal, I don't switch out bags/purses. When I buy one I use it all of the time. I'm just frugal and lazy like that. Therefore, my current trusty grey nylon bag is due for semi-retirement. It's held up well over the past year and a half, but I'm interested in adding some color and spice to my life.

Which do you think is more practical for everyday use? The yellow one is more unique and big and awesome. Big enough to carry papers back and forth between work and school, which is a bonus in my book. Will I get tired of the yellow? Is the camel version a more suitable and classic all-year-round option?

The blue one is a bit more standard and understated, but has a great more-neutral color. It's also big enough to throw papers in and go.

As I'm typing this I know which direction I'm leaning in... What do you think, should I take the plunge and go for yellow? Sigh, I do love them both...

Image and shop links: Yellow Leather Brook Tote by Art On Crafts OR Medium Leather Hobo Bag by Adeleshhop


chimes said...

I think you'd get more mileage out of the blue bag. It's got a more classic shape and color, but it's not boring.

Stephanie said...

Le sigh! That's what all of my co-workers say as well, which makes my decision even tougher. I'm thinking about just getting them both!

Fran Maus said...

I would totally go with the yellow!